KJ Theatre Arts Principal - Jessica Clark runs Fitsteps classes on Monday evenings from 7.30-8.30 at Cranford Park Primary School. This class is suitable for anyone 14 years plus. Also included in the class are Fitsteps FAB routines.

"FitSteps® is an energetic, upbeat dance class designed to achieve real measurable fitness results.
The dance workout mixes the graceful steps of Ballroom and the up-tempo steps of Latin dances to create fun-filled classes where you don’t even realise you’re getting fit.
Transform your body and have fun dancing to music that will get your heart pumping!" 


We also be introducing Fitsteps TONE classes very soon, using resistance bands, this class incorporates some of the Fitsteps moves into toning tracks, some with a band and some without. This is a slower paced class suitable for all ages (from 14) and all abilities, there are lower options suitable for those new to exercise or recovering from surgery or postnatal. There are also more intense options for those looking for more of a workout. The aim of this class is to improve posture, balance and function whilst toning the whole body. 

Why not try a class for free!

Classes are £5 pay as you go or purchase a loyalty card for £45 and get your 10th class free.