Prices and Discounts

PRICES (from Autumn 2020) All classes paid termly in advance, payment plans can be arranged.

30 minutes - £5.25 per class

40 minutes - £5.75 per class

45 minutes - £6.00 per class

​60 minutes - £7.50 per class

75 minutes - £9.00 per class

We offer two free trial classes of all classes before committing to the term. You will also receive 20% off your first term!


We feel that ballet, tap, and modern are the foundation of dance and we would like to encourage students to take classes in each genre. The below packages offer discounts  for students who take all three disciplines:


Students who take Ballet, Tap and Modern will receive 10% off of their termly invoice.


Students who take Ballet, Tap and Modern plus two other classes will receive 12.5% off of their termly invoice. (not including company class)


Students who take Ballet, Tap, Modern, plus three or more additional classes will receive 12.5% off of their termly invoice and their cheapest class free.  (not including company class)


The platinum package is for those students who take 10 or more classes with us. Currently this is the maximum amount of classes a senior student can take. Students on this package will receive 15% off their bill and one free class (this will be applied to the cheapest classes)  (not including company class)

We also offer...

Multi-Class Discount

Students who do not take Ballet, Tap and Modern but who take 5 or more classes will receive 5% off their bill.

Sibling Discount

We will still be offering a sibling discount. If siblings attend the school the sibling with the smaller bill will receive a 5% discount off their bill.

N.B Please note that only one of our discounts will apply to each student, i.e. if you qualify for one of our packages you will not be eligible for multi class discount or sibling discount.