June 30th and July 1st saw our students take to the stage for our whole school show 'Step In Time'. 

Check out our trailer!

Students from age 2 to 20 years too part in the show which was hugely successful!

Thank you to Rolf Evans for photographing the show, photos can be seen in our gallery.​

Trophy Winners 2018

On Sunday we handed out our trophies, we would have loved to award all our students but sadly only have a select number of trophies, congratulations to all winners:

Junior Tap - Scarlett O'Rourke
Inter Tap - Alice Routley
Junior Modern - Abbie Philpott
Inter Modern - Charlotte Dargan and Emily Ross
Senior Modern - Charlotte Prendiville
Baby Ballet - Hettie Grantham
Junior Ballet - Sophie Joyner
Inter Ballet - Lauren Jones
Senior Ballet - Eli Sage
Junior Drama and MT - Frankie Drury
Senior Drama and MT - Chloe Dixon
Boys Street Dance - James Wood
Commitment and Endeavour - Rhiannon Rees-Jones
Stage Personality - Ella Payne and Hannah Strong
Overall Junior - Adelaide Joyner
Overall Inter - Gemma Puttock
Overall Senior - Bethany Denny