Mini Tap is our preschool age class which introduces students to tap dancing and rhythm through fun exercises using props and musical instruments. This is a fun class for students who which to explore dance and rhythm. 

This class will restart in 2023 - register your interest by completing our online registration form or contact us

​When students start school they move up to our Pre- Primary Tap class which is where they can start to work towards examinations if they which to. Examinations are not compulsory and students are able to move up without taking an exam when they reach they required level. Here are a list of our classes from Primary upwards and a guide as to age (this may vary depending on previous experience).

Pre- Primary Tap - Saturday 10.00-10.30 - Reception and Year 1 age

Grade 1 Tap - Saturday 11.00-11.30 - Year 2-3

Grade 2 Tap - Thursday 5.10-5.50 - Year 4-6

Grade 4 Tap - Thursday 6.35-7.20 - Year 7-9

​Grade 5 Tap - Saturday 2.15-3.00 - Year 9-11

Advanced Tap - Tuesday 8.30-9.30 - Sixth form

We offer two free trial classes of all our classes and 20% off the first term.


We offer Tap classes for all ages, following the Imperial Society of Teacher of Dance (ISTD) Syllabus. Tap is the most rhythmic style of dance, teaching students rhythm, co-ordination, timing, musicality, performance skills as well as allowing them the chance to develop their confidence, style and team working skills. See below a list of our Tap classes.